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Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic  -   Gold Coast, Queensland


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Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic  -  Gold Coast


Welcome to the Fountain of Inner Health ..


Kym Atkinson

.... our clinic offers Natural Health Therapies with a focus on
Colonic Hydrotherapy, also called Colonic Irrigation.


Our service is second to none. We proud our self of using a special beneficial colonic irrigation process, integrating filtered oxygenated water in a closed system.


A fully trained Colonic Irrigation Practitioner will be with you at all times, personally administering the treatment and by regulating pressure a pulsating massage type reflex action will not only clean but also regenerate part of the colon...

Fountain of Inner Health @ the The Medical Sanctuary

150 Ashmore Road - Phone: 0414 720 058


For more infomation, click services - colon health info or contact us for an appointment... thank you.

   . . . an all new establishment, filtered oxygenated water, disposable equipment, health service with care and understanding . . .


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