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Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic  -  Gold Coast

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Fountain of Inner Health offers a wide variety of Natural Therapies,
specialising in Colon Health and detoxification....


We believe health starts in the Colon, without a good functionig colon and digestive trackt most of your other body function will not work at an optimum level....
... resulting in ill health, sluggishness, lack of energy, foulty absorbtion and the list goes on.


To help you to achieve optimum Health, we have combined various natural healing methods, and we use specifc natural nutrative supplements to achieve your health goals..


Natural Therapies:

  1. Iridology readings - please click for more info

  2. Colon Hydrotherapy - Colon Reflex Method - Colon Detoxification

  3. Nutritional Advice and Supplementations

  4. Remedial Massage Therapies

  5. Mind - Spiritual Intuitive Healing

For more infomation, click colon health info or contact us for an appointment... thank you.

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